What is Responsive Web Design?

A responsive website is one that "responds" to the size of screen it is being displayed on. So, a responsive website will appear differently on a mobile phone than a laptop or desktop computer. read more

Websites, Video Games & the Future of Education

The legions of new college grads not being able to find jobs has sparked a huge debate about the effectiveness of college and traditional education in general. read more

The Death of Mobile Apps

All an app really does is pre-download information to your smartphone to save time downloading content. This made apps very relevant in recent years because mobile internet speeds were still somewhat slow. read more

15 Content Writing Mistakes for Websites

Writing website content is an art-form and it's not something that everybody can do well. If you are a decent writer, this article will show you what to avoid while writing content on websites. read more

How To Become a Web Designer

This list is intended for people who are interested in starting a career in web design. There is a lot of learning involved, but you can do it! read more

White Hat SEO Tips

Here is some really basic, yet useful information on how to properly make your website visable on search engines and most accessible for your website visitors. read more

Links To Your Website Should Be Relevant and Useful For Users

When you get links to your website they should be useful to users. Inbound link building campaigns have been very popular in recent years. Simply having a campaign where you massively build links to your website will no longer help you very much when they are not useful to users. read more

Organizing Website Content

The organization of your website content is the foundation of your online success. I like to refer to this as "Information Architecture Design" because it pertains to organizing pages on your site and the content that is on each of those pages. read more

UX Design for the Web

The first step in web interface design for a website is designing (or being given) an outline of the pages and content for the site. This outline is often called the "information architecture", or "IA". It should consider the goals you are wanting to accomplish.
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Designing Websites for Products

There are millions of websites selling or endorsing products on the web. Your design for your product website should be full of useful information. read more

Using Google Analytics for Your Business

Google Analytics has launched a new product update that enhances the features for social media tracking. That's right, all you businesses on facebook and Google+ can now track information about your visitors from these traffic sources in more detail. read more

Save Time With PDF Forms

What can PDF forms do for your business? Well, the sky is the limit. In just about any situation where you have standardized documents, PDF forms can be very useful.
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Wordpress Vs. Expression Engine

Both of these content management systems are very powerful, but determining which one is best for you depends on your needs, budget and what you are wanting to accomplish with your website. read more

Missouri Web Designers Offer High ROI

The midwest is a great place to choose a web design professional because the cost of living is considerably lower than other areas of the country. There is also a good pool of designers to choose from. read more

Making Web Design Goals

Define goals when you design a website. This includes organizing information for getting customers to contact you, getting visitors purchase products from your website, and measing the information architecture effectiveness of your website design.
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What is Web Hosting?

This list is intended for people who are interested in starting a career in web design. There is a lot of learning involved, but you can do it!
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Don't Duplicate Content or Spin Articles

Thanks to search engines like Google, we have been able to improve this process of sifting through the matrix of information to find data that offers real value. read more

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