Improving User Experience Articles

15 Content Writing Mistakes for Websites

Writing website content is an art-form and it's not something that everybody can do well. If you are a decent writer, this article will show you what to avoid while writing content on websites. read more

Understand UX Design Basics

The first step in web interface design for a website is designing (or being given) an outline of the pages and content for the site. This outline is often called the "information architecture", or "IA". It should consider the goals you are wanting to accomplish. read more

Make Your Website Load Fast

Methods for shared servers and dedicated servers. It might be an unpopular concept for some folks, but one the best ways to make your website load fast is to hand-code it and know what you are doing. read more

Alt Tags and Google

<alt> tags describe images. It is very difficult for technology to describe images by itself. The human element comes in to play by using <alt> tags to describe what is in the picture. read more

Organizing Website Content

The organization of your website content is the foundation of your online success. I like to refer to this as "Information Architecture Design" because it pertains to organizing pages on your site and the content that is on each of those pages. read more

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