Links To Your Website Should Be Relevant and Useful For Users

When you get links to your website they should be useful to users. Inbound link building campaigns have been very popular in recent years. Simply having a campaign where you massively build links to your website will no longer help you very much when they are not useful to users. The links to your site should be natural and genuinely help people have a great experience finding information. Your website should contribute useful original knowledge about subjects you know a lot about. This is the best way to get people to link back to your website.

Types of Links to Avoid

Say you have a website for a plumber. It wouldn't make sense to have links on your website that are about computers. That would be silly unless that link for computers specifically had something to do with software for plumbers.

There are many types of inbound links that you should stay away from including:

Link Farms

These hubs for links grew rapidly in the past when spammers were trying to trick the search engine system to falsely optimize their websites.

Web Rings

These are considered scams that webmasters use to get more links to their websites. Web rings usually involve a system of link exchange that are pre-determined for the basis of increasing inbound links, but are not created necessarily to improve user experience.

Buying Links

Purchasing links on another website is not considered to be natural. It's ok to advertise on another website that is relevant to your own. I am saying just because Google has it's own advertising program called Google Adsense, that allows content providers to have advertisements on their website where in return they receive compensation. It's basically the opposite side of Google Adwords, but for content and not search. Anyways, purchasing links won't really help your SEO efforts. At least they supposedly won't help you.

Link Exchanges

Often considered to be beneficial to mutual parties, link exchanges do not always offer good value to users. These exchanges are made based on the gain of both websites involved are not usually based on merit, at least in many common circumstances. Avoid forms of artificially trying to inflate the worth of your web pages and others.

Guest Blogging

In early 2014, Matt Cutts from Google clearly conveyed that guest blogging has become considered spam

It's hard work to get natural links because it rewards those who are actually helping other people.

Basically any type of link that is not natural or useful should be avoided. Don't spend a lot of time trying to buy links, exchange links and do anything that is artificial in link building. Write great content on your website and on other websites and you will get plenty of links. You get what you put in. It's like karma. If you follow these rules then you will find that your SEO efforts will have the highest amount of success. See our white hat SEO checklist for more info on how to make sure your website follows Google's guidelines.

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