Don't Duplicate Content or Spin Articles

Let's look at the reasons why article spinning and duplicate content is bad.

Perhaps one of the best things about the internet is the accessibility of information. Never before in human history has there been the ability to have a question and be able to instantly find what you are looking for. The down-side to the internet is that there is a lot of garbage to sift through. Thanks to search engines like Google, we have been able to improve this process of weeding through the matrix of information to find data that offers real value.

Hey folks, duplicating content does not forward the progress of humankind in any way. If you are not providing some kind of new perspective or saying something in a different way than what has been said before, then it's not going to be useful. It's also not going to help your website in the long-run with search engine optimization efforts. When you copy text from another website it doesn't accomplish anything, so don't do it.

Google can actually detect duplicate content when it indexes web pages. A long long time ago, there was not a penalty for this, but now these days it's a big no-no.

A popular trend to counter this detection mechanism for spotting duplicate content is spinning articles, Spinning articles is a way of saying the exact same thing, but merely changing sentence structure. People who do this usually present the information in the exact same way. It's been effective for some SEO professionals, but guess what? It's not going to work anymore. It doesn't help anybody to do it anyways, it's basically the same as duplicating content in my opinion. I believe Google is going to start catching this pretty soon if they haven't already. Good I never spun articles for websites that I've worked on.

Spinning Doesn't Contribute Good Content To the World

The article spinning scheme was originally created so you could have multiple versions of the same article...basically with minimal work so you wouldn't need to use extra brain power and write more. You know, it's a method used by real go-getters. Just kidding.

So what happens with the articles that get spinned you might ask? Well, one version was usually placed on the website that was getting optimized for search engines and the other version(s) were published on other websites in order to build inbound links to the original website. The problem with this is that it doesn't provide additional information for the user when you do this. One article linking back to another article that says the exact same thing, but in different words doesn't really benefit the user now does it?

Long story short is that you should never duplicate content, and, if you care at all about the future of the website you are working on, you shouldn't waste your time spinning articles, because Google's Penguin update is keen on picking up these methods, which are indeed spam in my opinion. I also am pretty sure that Google considers this spam simply because spinning articles does not help the user and improving user experience on the internet is what Google is all about.

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