Save Time With PDF Forms

What can PDF forms do for your business? Well, the sky is the limit. In just about any situation where you have standardized documents, PDF forms can be very useful. For example...

If your sales staff creates proposals on a regular basis, a PDF form could be very useful. Your management has probably spent a lot of time researching the best format and contents for your proposals. Why risk letting a sales person in the trenches mess this up? A PDF form can standardize a proposal so you have quality control over your valuable sales leads.

Sure, Microsoft Word and similar programs can get the job done, but they also provide a lot of room for error. Word processors also allow freedom for formatting such as font sizes ad type where you don't want your sales staff to have control. With PDF forms, you can present information in the beauty originally intended by your graphic designers. It's like having a graphic designer create all of your proposals for you!

The amount of time that can be saved by using PDF forms is incredible. A 10 page proposal that might take a couple hours to create can be reduced to as little as 15 minutes. Your customers don't know the difference and the quality of information is just as good...often more accurate. You can make even your smallest potential clients feel like they are really important to your business...and win that business!

With the time that your sales team saves by using PDF forms, they can spend more time talking to leads and generating leads. Also, they will no longer need to prioritize which clients they need to make detailed proposals for since the time to do this task is greatly decreased. More professional and detailed proposals sent to clients equals more sales for your business!

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