What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a necessary service in order to make any website viewable on the world wide web. Web Hosting is more or less a service that provides a server and software that is configured to put your web pages "out there". Web Hosting often accompanies web design. You can usually choose to go through your local web design company for web hosting or you can shop for the best deals among online providers. Things to consider when choosing a hosting company are bandwidth offered, disk storage, the reliability/speed of your web host's network, years in business, and customer service

What would happen if you are paying for a considerable amount of advertising and expect a lot of hits in a month? If your website is not running on a fast and stable data network, then your website could likely be overwhelmed at a time of high traffic causing slow loading speeds causing many potential customers to leave your site before they see it. Another problem that could arise in this situation is a server being down due to unorganized maintenance procedures. No matter what web hosting company you choose, make sure that they are a good host that ensures your website is safe online.

Good web hosting companies are engineered to prevent failure in power and connectivity. This means that in the event of a power outage, your web site will still be up and running.

Here is a short list of popular web hosting companies:


Comodo SSL