White Hat SEO Tips

Here is some really basic, yet useful information on how to properly "optimize" your website. Whether you are a pro or a DIY, your marketing campaign and users can benefit from these practical tips. There are no spam methods or dishonest tactics on this list and they are inspired by Google's recommendations.

Make Your Website Responsive and Accessible

Your website should be responsive and built to display optimally on as many screen sizes as possible. A responsive web design displays well on smart phones, tablets and traditional computer screens. This should be done without building a separate mobile website or mobile app because these extra steps inconvenience your users and make them jump through extra hoops to access your information. If you would like to know more, please read the article explaining: What is Responsive Web Design?

Create a Great Content

Make your content high quality and people will have a reason to link to you. Search Engines want websites that have quality and useful information. It makes sense if you think about it because the better quality of content a search engine can deliver, the more people will want to use their service. You should definitely avoid making these mistakes when writing your content if you want to keep your SEO white hat.

Make Your Internal Linking Useful

Having well-written and interesting content is an awesome start to white hat search engine optimization, but if a reader wants to find out more about a particular subject mentioned within an article, it helps if you have a link to another page that goes into further detail. This way you can accomodate them if they want to know more! This can help your visitors stay on your website longer thus validating the quality of your content. Another suggestion is to avoid going overboard with your internal linking and link every other word because that will just get overwhelming for your users.

Promote your website the good 'ol fashioned way

A good Public Relations person is worth their weight in gold. Many small businesses don't have the resources to a hire a PR person and might have to do-it-themselves. Getting visitors to your website through traditional marketing channels like referrals helps add to the credibility of your website. Traditional marketing can include word of mouth, newspaper ads, magazines, making flyers, yard signs and pretty much anything you can think of that is not web advertisement. You can go to your library or search Amazon for books on guerilla marketing. This in turns helps your traffic and Google is aware that people are visiting your website. Having a popular website is a great way to gain credibility with search engines and will increase the chances that they will give you the privilige of showing up in their search results.

Create a Blog and Promote it on Social Media

Writing about information regarding the topic of your website is a great way to make your website more useful. It's obvious that many websites are ultimately trying to sell a service or a product, but it is important to give away ideas that might be helpful to people. This karma will help you show up for keywords that might not necessarily be "money makers" for you. But, the traffic that you get from this will indeed help your credibility for showing up for search phrases / keywords that will directly generate revenue for you.

Avoid Guest Blogging and Article Farms

In early 2014, Matt Cutts from Google officially announced that Guest blogging is a spammy practice...especially article networks and article farms. Yes, it's important that we stress "useful" because if a link is not useful, it is ultimately going to hurt your SEO efforts in the long-run. A well-optimized website can be extremely beneficial for the revenue of a business. At the same time, it involves a lot of hard work so you don't want to do anything that will jeopordize your efforts.

Make Links to Your Website Relevant

Not every link to your website is necessarily good. If you base your SEO on building tons of links on websites that aren't relevant to your content, then you will be dissapointed in your results and you run the risk of being penalized. A white hat search engine optimization effort includes having natural linking that is useful to people that can click on those links.

Use Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics

Analytics is essential for tracking the actions of website visotors. It provides webmasters valuable information for improving the interface design of their website. Google Webmaster tools is the best way to subit your sitemap to Google. A sitemap is a way of telling search engines what information is on your website. It is a very important courtesy to give Google this "outline" of your website. It tells them what pages are on your website. when it was last updated and when to check back for future updates. Bohn Studios highly recommended that you submit your sitemap to Google within Webmaster Tools.

Take Advantage of Your XML Sitemap

Your sitemap.xml file tells search engines what pages on your website are important and what should be indexed. Within a sitemap you can also set page priorites of your pages and convey timestamps when the page was last updated. This is designed to assist Google in determining which pages are most important on your website. The are many circumstances where you can have pages on your website that you do not want indexed by Google, for example, a secret login page for your corporate intranet.

Sitemaps.org is a great resource for sitemap protocals. It is even recommended by Google. You can submit your sitemap to Google through Google Webmaster Tools. When you have a Webmaster Tools account (a Google account), you can see which pages of your website have been indexed. If you are not familiar with Webmaster Tools, it would be a good idea to get yourself acquainted with the system if you manage websites or perform SEO work. The information that this free software provides is very helpful. Why wouldn't you want to know crucial details that affect your the accesibility and SEO information for your website?

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