Communicating a good message is crucial to a great website. Design isn't everything and your website should have useful information that offers valuable information related to your services and/or products. Good content writing can range from providing a unique view on an aspect of your industry or creating tutorials for people who are interested in learning more in-depth about a service or product you provide. We specialize in taking information that is highly technical and conveying it in a way that is easy to understand. We also help you identify good subjects that your customers and prospects want to read about.

There are three categories that web content falls under;

Marketing content, educational and marketing that is also educational.

Whenever possible, it is good to mix in educational information with your sales pitch. It's also a good idea to write content or even a blog that contains no sales pitch at all. Think of this information as something that is your way of "giving back." This content should contain info that people will want to link to, post on their Facebook pages and share on Twitter so you should avoid making these web writing mistakes. This is the most consistent advice that Google provides for improving your search engine rankings. Writing quality articles and providing good information on your website is the cornerstone to white hat SEO.

Working with a professional writer can save you time and increase the ability of your website to communicate clearly. Professional editing is also useful if you want to write your own content, but just want a second set of eyes to help you review and suggest improvements.

What makes website content good?

You have to make your website useful for your users. Some common mistakes include making your entire website a sales pitch. This will just drive away many of your visitors and will hurt your search engine optimization efforts.

Information Architecture Design

The presentation of your information on your website greatly influences the effectiveness of your online efforts. Ensuring clear organization of your site content is one of the best ways to accomplish your goals with your website. We are experts at composing information architecture for organizations so that their websites are easy-to-use for visitors. This includes organizing the navigation bar(s) on your website and managing other links throughout your site.

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