If you have needs within your company that can be met with web software, Bohn Studios can consult you on your available options and make recommendations to you base

d on your requirements and budget. With the thousands of options availabe for various business web applications, it can be difficult to wade through the choices. We can often match you with software that costs a fraction of what you might otherwise pay.

Many software program services and providers claim to offer supererior value, but if you have 50 options that do the claim to do the same thing, there is often a huge difference.
We also provide integration, consulting, and training for popular software services such as salesforce.com, 37signals, Quickbooks, and more.

Content Management Systems are one of the most common types of web sofware being implented in recent years. We are experts at integrating CMS with other applications. In addition to CMS, we can consult your organization on how to integrate all of your systems into one complete application that eliminates redundancy and maximizes the efficiency of information systems including executive, sales and fullfiment.

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