Professional web design since 2002
We have the experience to really put your website to work for you. It takes more than a few years to understand what it takes to create great website designs. Bohn Studios has over 14 years in the website and internet marketing industry and we know what it takes to be one of the best in the business.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly Websites
A good website is accessible across all of the popular devices, screen sizes and browsers. Even if your website looks nice on a desktop computer or a laptop you still need to make your internet prescence viewable on smart phones. We don't build apps, we build websites that have the benefits of a mobile app without requiring your customers jump through extra hoops to access your information. Keep it all in one place...your website.

Built-in Content Management Systems
Our websites come standard with the ability to edit the text on your pages. We can also set-up your site to edit photos, but keep in mind that image optimization significantly affects the loading speed of your website.

Award-winning web design
For many years, our work has been consistently recognized for excellence in aesthetic appearance, usability, accessibility and lightning fast loading speeds. Bohn Studios provides quality design of graphics and information architecture design to communicate your business in a way that is pleasing to your customers and potential prospects.

National brand experience
Even though most of our projects are with established small to medium sized businesses, our Lead Web Designer, Ron Bohn, has experience working with top household names. This gives our firm an enormous step up in the caliber of work that we can do for you.

Exceptional Value
Just because we do some of the best work in St. Louis doesn't mean that we charge an arm and a leg. Our prices are based on how many hours your project will take and after over a decade in the web design business, our estimates are on-point and we do great work in significantly less time than most web designers.

Integrity & Honest Business Practices
Treating people right is a principle that we take very seriously at Bohn Studios. We make sure the projects we pursue are a good fit for us. If you contact us about your project and we know of someone that can do a better job than us for your particular needs or budget, we will recommend you to them. We also do not disclose your internal business strategies or practices to anyone.

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