Bohn Studios is a white hat SEO company. We produce excellent content and people link to that content. Google provides recommended practices for SEO and Bohn Studios believes that it is a great idea to follow the rules. Effective SEO services include keyword research, coding accessible websites, organic inbound link building with good content writing and information architecture design. SEO that we do includes everything that is going to improve the user experience of your website and make good information accessible. Unlike many SEO companies, we are selective with who we work with because when we do SEO for your website, our reputation is on the line...a reputation for building excellent website that have value to offer.

"Sharing useful ideas not only makes the internet better, it can also help your search engine rankings."

A search engine is in the business of facilitating the information seeking process. A search engine's success depends on providing the best websites it can rather than the sites with the most tricks up their sleeve. If they don't provide good information, then people will find it somewhere else.

Keyword Research

Optimizing for competitive keywords often takes a lot of perseverence and usually requires contributing original ideas on your own website and other websites. Sharing unique knowledge about subjects relevant to your website is a great way to build exposure and increase your inbound links. It's like karma and it is a actually a really fair system.

"Relevant linking is important for inbound, outbound and internal links of your website."

Useful SEO Links:

Google Webmaster Tools (Now Google Search Console)
Google Analytics

Making your website useful as possible for your visitors is a solid SEO strategy. If you think about it, search engines like Google are popular because people are able to use them locate high quality content with that search engine. People want to find the best information they can. There are also methods for on-site optimization that make your website search friendly.

The right SEO tools for optimizing user experience

Using Google Search Console is a very good way to optimize your website visability and performance in search engines. It is useful for things like creating suggestions for your code, localization settings, indexed XML sitemaps and many other things that can help improve the user-experience so your website links might be displayed in search results that are a good fit for the people searching the type of information within your web presence.

Natural Inbound Links Help Your Search Performance & Helps Portray the Integrity of Your Website

Inbound links also atrribute to a successful SEO campaign, but they should be earned naturally. Be careful not to over-optimize your website and build a bunch of unnatural inbound links to your website. It is important to build links organically and avoid link farms and services that will build lots of spammy links for your company. Slow and steady wins the race and it's good for everyone to try and make the internet a better place and stay away from nasty spamming techniques that only slow the exchange of useful concepts and ideas.

Read our Whitehat SEO Checklist written by Ron from Bohn Studios.

Keeping up with modern trends and give your business the best edge for local market keywords that will drive new business to your company website.


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