We build websites that you can edit. Need to change some text or photos on your website? No problem! Our system for editing websites is VERY easy. It is even easier-to-use than a word processor.

There are many options available for managing the content of your website. While nearly all of these solutions work (for the most part), there is a huge difference between the usability of these systems. Many content management systems are difficult to use, particularly for the first-time user. They offer so many options and features that in some cases it would be just as easy to learn basic HTML and update your website manually. We urge our clients to stay away from these difficult systems. Most people have many of things that they should be doing instead of fiddling with a less efficient CMS.

For those that already have their heart set on a particular CMS, we also provide services for popular systems like wordpress, drupal, joomla and expression engine. We can build your website with any of these systems and make custom changes to your website without affecting the functionality of your existing database and programming of your content mangement system already on your server.

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